We are DevOps and IT Automation experts in Brazil and Latin America

About us

Instruct is the first Brazilian company specialized in infrastructure automation, configuration management, and DevOps practices. Our specialists have more than 17 years of experience developing innovative projects for government agencies and private business.

We offer specialized consulting and strategic planning to implement agile methodologies for development and infrastructure management. Some results of our work are reduced time to fix errors, lower costs, increased control and real-time analysis and metrics. In Brazil, we are official partners of the main worldwide IT automation leaders. We also offer training programs for professional qualification.

Our worldwide partnerships


Our experts and tech leaders

Miguel e Guto Instruct

Miguel Di Ciurcio Filho

As CEO and founder, Miguel Filho works as an automation strategist and specialist, identifying opportunities to overcome challenges and develop solutions to our clients. His mission is to create automated and efficient workflows, increasing the productivity and reducing possible security issues and system failures. Furthermore, he is the first Latin America Puppet Certified Professional. In 2011, founded Instruct – the first business focused on IT automation consulting and training in Brazil.

Guto Carvalho

Guto Carvalho is Instruct`s CTO and executive partner. With more than 17 years of experience working with datacenters for government agencies and private business, he works as a leader of automation and infrastructure development teams. His mission as an automation architect is to help customers to understand exactly how their data center infrastructures need to be transformed. In 2011, he started the first IT automation project for Federal Government of Brazil and proved that it was possible to change the culture that influenced the administration of government datacenters.

Best International Partner – 2016

In 2016, Instruct was elected the Best International Partner by Puppet, as a recognition for the outstanding results achieved with IT automation projects in Brazil.


Develop projects using the DevOps practices and agile principles for systems and services administration.


Increase the ability of our clients to operate and manage their systems, using concepts like infrastructure as a code, automation and configuration management. Our goal is to help them to choose the best methodologies and solutions to achieve an intelligent and efficient infrastructure.

  • 1st
    Brazilian company specialized in IT automation and DevOps
  • More than
    business as customers in Brazil
  • Specialists with more than
    17 years
    of experience

Our main services


We offer specialized consulting about IT automation and infrastructure management.


We develop projects to achieve your business goals and transform your infrastructure and increase your ability to scale and innovate.


We develop personalized solutions to automate your workflows, pipelines, and applications.


We offer official Puppet and GitLab trainings in Brazil, sharing the best practices to work with these tools.

Some of our clients

EquinixItaúC&ABanco do BrasilIBM

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